Rupus Global Limited  won the prestigious “Socially Responsible Pharma Company of the Year Award” by Brandscouncil Ratings & Medilinks in its 6th Edition of South Asia Pacific Healthcare Summit & Business Award 2023  

Rupus Global Limited, one of the fastest growing research-driven global pharmaceutical company based out of Hong Kong & Latvia having operations worldwide was awarded the most prestigious “Socially Responsible Pharma Company of the Year Award” at the 6th Edition of South Asia Pacific Healthcare Summit & Business Award 2023 organised by Brandscouncil Ratings & Medilinks on 28th July 2023 at Hotel Radisson in Mumbai, india. The Award Trophy & Certificate of Excellence was awarded by renowned model, actress, psychologist & India’s first Mrs World Dr. Aditi Govitrikar in a power packed event that brought together World-leading Businesses, Global thought Leaders from all fields of Industrial and Service Sectors, Business Leaders, Key Decision Makers, Members of Government Organizations and non-Govt. organizations. Dr. Brijesh Jaiswal, Chief Financial Officer of Rupus Global Limited received the recognition.  

Speaking on this, Dr Kannan Vishwanatth, Founder & Managing Director of Rupus Global Limited said “Rupus Global Limited is truly privileged to be recognized & awarded for our continuous focus on building the foundation of success with a socially responsibly cause. Rupus Global has demonstrated a remarkable example of how a company can successfully blend social responsibility with profitability. In an era where businesses are increasingly expected to contribute positively to society, Rupus Global Limited stands out distinctively as a shining beacon of purpose-driven entrepreneurship thereby delivering pharmaceutical ingredients to the most hard-to-reach places, they are not only making a profit but also making a profound impact on people’s lives. Emerging economies face many problems related to living standards and inequality, and thus encouraging important developments in other dimensions of sustainable development (through ecological, sustainable and social attitudes) is essential to support economic equilibrium. Rupus Global Limited has blended remarkably how an organisation can be socially responsible yet profitable.

“At Rupus Global Limited, the belief is that being socially responsible and financially successful are not mutually exclusive goals. They go hand in hand. By maintaining a profitable business model, they ensure sustainable growth and stability, which, in turn, empowers them to reach more communities in need. Their dedication to making a difference doesn’t stop at profit-making. Rupus Global Limited consistently strives to expand its reach, breaking down barriers to access and improving healthcare outcomes in underserved regions.”.

Rupus Global Limited is a research-focused vertically integrated pharmaceutical Company, which Contract manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), finished dosage forms (FDFs), and provides contract research and manufacturing services (CRAMS). The Company focuses on 5 niche business areas viz. Anti-malarial, multi-therapeutic Lozenges, Oncology Products, HIV products, and Codeine-based cough syrups. The Company is a market leader in the Anti-malarial API segment and is the world’s third-largest contract manufacturer of Quinine salts. Rupus Global Limited product portfolio consists of the second generation, Quinine-based Anti-malarial APIs, third-generation Artemisinin-based Anti-malarial APIs; Niche APIs, and FDFs complimented by APIs in HIV, Diabetes, Ace Inhibitor, and CNS.

Rupus Global Limited has a distributor network of ~250 distributors in India and has entered into a marketing and distribution agreement with Rx Pharma (India) to distribute the company’s products domestically. It also exports its products to more than 60 emerging countries in Africa, Central and South America, and Asia. The Company’s API business has grown rapidly since its commencement in FY2018 and currently contributes ~60 per cent of total revenues while its formulation business contributes ~40 per cent of total revenues.